Version XL

Large Space – Tabletop – Milli-Kelvin

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All Qinu cryostats come in a tabletop layout configuration: the experimental space is on top of all the cryogenic interior. This unconventional layout enables a direct installation of the cryostat on a simple table. Simplifying experimental handling and making everyday operation very convenient. 

The Version XL is the largest dilution refrigerator in the Qinu family, but the spacious layout makes it slighlty slower than the other members.

FAst Turnaround

The Version XL is designed in a compact and economical way. Its minimized thermal mass together with an elaborated precooling cycle result in fast cooldown times of about nine hours, from room temperature to less than 10 mK base temperature. In combination with a total warming-up time of about two hours, the Version XL enables a cooldown over night.

An even faster turnaround time is possible with the Version L.

Large experimental space

Qinu cryostats exhibit a modular design enabling the installation of different components such as low frequency and RF wiring, passive RF devices, RF electronics, and more. More information can be found in our ‚Equipment‘ brochure.

With an experimental volume of  ⌀ 300 mm x 345 mm it provides space for almost every quantum technological realization. In addition, it possesses 12 freely customizable vacuum access windows for signal in- and output.


Multiple Signal In- & Outputs
Large Space
Base temperature< 10 mK
Cooling power @ 100 mK> 300 μW
Default cooldown time< 9 hours
Default warm-up time< 2 hours
Experimental volume⌀ 306 mm x 345 mm
Absolute base temperature and total cooldown time depends on the thermal load at different stages caused by the installed equipment. A higher load increases times and base temperature.