Version LPO

Low Vibration – Optics – Milli-Kelvin

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Optics & Photonics

The Version LPO is Qinu’s milli-Kelvin cryostat optimized for photonics and optics. This cryostat can be integrated into an optical table with its experimental plate on the same level as the tabletop. Together with the optical freespace and fiber access, the Version LPO is a wonderful platform for quantum optic and photonic experiments in the milli-Kelvin regime.

Low Vibrations

The Version LPO is by default integrated in an optical tabletop with active vibration isolation. All sources of vibration such as vacuum pumps, cryocooler, valves and more are delocalized from the cryostat and flexibly coupled with corrugated tubes. An even higher reduction of vibration propagation can be achieved by bolting the tubes to a heavy mass such as the floor or the wall.

A detailed explanation of the overall layout can be found in the Technology section.

Experimental Flexibility

The Qinu Version LPO is based on the Version L and can possess all of the same equipment. In addition, the large experimental space of
165 mm x 130 mm in combination with optical fiber integration, DC wiring for piezo positioners, and optical freespace access provide a perfect platform for any kind of milli-Kelvin experiment.

The Version LPO can also be equipped with Qinu’s magnet solution such as 1D solenoid or 3D vector superconducting magnets. More details can be found in our ‚Equipment‘ brochure.


Integrated optical environment
Base temperature< 30 mK
Cooling power @ 100 mK> 200 μW
Default cooldown time< 4 hours
Default warm-up time< 1.5 hours
Experimental volume⌀ 165 mm x 130 mm
Absolute base temperature and total cooldown time depends on the thermal load at different stages caused by the installed equipment. A higher load increases times and base temperature.