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Sionludi L No Shields
Sionludi L Specifications
Sionludi L Modular Design
Sionludi L Table-Top
Sionludi L RF Cables
Sionludi L Photo
Sionludi L
Sionludi L Shields

Ultra Fast Cooldown

Less than 3 hours default

... Even Faster Warm-Up

About 1 hour up to RT

Low Base Temperature

Closed He-4 Cycle

Laborious refilling redudant

High Cooling Power

Up to 300 µW at 100 mK

Watts at 4.5 K

Turnkey Operation

One button cooldown /


Sionludi L Modularity

Compact Design

Highly economical

Low vibrations

Removable Ports

Quick setup adaption

Easy modification

Experimental Space

170 mm in diameter

150 mm height

Flexible I/O Cabling

Six windows

Variety of connectors

Sionludi L On Table

Literally Table-Top

Comfortable sample access

Universally mountable

Sionludi L RF Cables

Coaxial Wiring L

18 semi-rigid coax

Attenuators at 4K, 1K and mK

Space for >30 semi-rigid coax

Sionludi L RF Cables

Sionludi L Dilution Fridge

Configured for superconducting
and semiconductor qubits.

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Title Sionludi L


The Sionludi is a compact tabletop closed-cycle dilution refrigerator with milli-Kelvin base temperature. The term tabletop is meant to be understood literally. Its unconventional layout enables a direct installation of the cryostat on a simple table. This makes the everyday operation very convenient and reduces the space requirement for the cryostat.

Application Notes
Sionludi L Modular Design Drawing

High Modularity

The cryostat exhibits a modular design which enables the installation of different components such as low frequency and RF wiring, passive RF devices, optical fibers and more. Three removable access ports at each temperature stage and six demountable windows at the vacuum shield allow a simple exchange of experimental equipment.

Low Vibrations

Vibrations are usually an undesired source of troubles. The small height and stiff support structure of the cryostat makes it very insusceptible to vibrations. Unavoidable sources of vibrations such as vacuum and circulation pumps are mechanically decoupled from the cryostat.

Turnkey Operation

The complete cooldown, warm-up and intermediate states are automatized one-button operations. General control of the cryostat is enabled by an elaborated platform-independent web interface. The interface also provides the ability to adjust the operation on the interactive user interface as well as write and read parameters with external ethernet interfaces such as Python or MATLAB.

Large Experimental Space

Despite its compact size, the Sionludi L offers a large experimental volume at base temperature. The default experimental volume has a diameter of 170mm and a default height of 150mm. If necessary, its upside-down design allows a straightforward increase of the experimental height. Even more experimental space is provided by its bigger brother, the Sionludi XL.

Sionludi L Dimensions


Guaranteed [1]Expected
Base temperature, Pro-1010 mK< 9 mK
Base temperature, Eco30 mK< 25 mK
Total cooldown time3 hours [2]3 hours
Total warm-up time1.5 hours1 hour
Cooling power at 4.5 Kapprox. 0.5 W> 0.5 W
Cooling power at 100 mK250 µW300 µW
Cooling power at 30 mK, Pro-1020 µW30 µW
[1] All guaranteed specifications are approved right before delivery by test cooldowns.
[2] Exact cooldown time depends on the thermal load at different stages caused by the installed equipment and the total amount of LHe4 available at the start.
Sionludi L Eco Cooling Power Stepwise

Illustrated is the fast heating and cooling. The heating powers are indicated in micro-Watts. After heating, the temperature decreases rapidly down to base temperature. All measurements were taken in a Sionludi L Eco cryostat, equipped with 18 RF-cables down to the cold plate.